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Rooter Services

Whether it's in your bathroom sink, the tub, or your kitchen - having a clogged drain is never fun. When clog-busting chemicals like Drano just aren't doing the job, the Pipe-Thru Trenchless Plumbing team can help you find and unclog even the most stubborn pipe problems. 


We are experts in using specialized pipe un-clogging tools that are most effective for the severity of your problem: 


Drain Snake Cable

A drain snake cable is a long metallic snake-like cable that is pushed through your pipe, working its way through the many curves until it reaches the source of the backup. Our team then twists the cable, opening a passage through the obstruction, temporarily clearing out your pipe.



Sometimes, a clog can be very stubborn and just won't get dislodged. In these instances, our team uses the power of a Hydro-Jetter, a highly pressurized water system that blasts water through a pipe. The high-pressure water breaks through grease, hair, and other debris that has collected in the pipe. An added benefit of using a hydro-jetter is that it simultaneously cleans your pipes as well. 


Picote System

When dealing with clogged drains, one of the most versatile tools in the market is the Picote drain cleaning system. Depending on the job, there are a variety of attachments that are built to fix specific issues from descaling, build-up, to root obstruction. 


At Pipe-Thru Trenchless Technology we are committed to helping you find a plumbing solution that doesn't destroy your property. Call us at (408) 394-7910 or visit for a free estimate.

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Let us help you pinpoint what your problem is with our specialized camera equipment. Let our team give you a transparent, expert recommendation depending on your issue.

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