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Keeping your house running smoothly relies on one very important pipe system - your sewer lines. With so many different drains and pipes running through your sewer line, it is only a matter of fact before all of the activity can damage it. 


Pipe-Thru Trenchless Plumbing follows a cost-effective process that ensures the problem is fixed on a long-term basis.


Step 1: Inspection

When only one drain in your home is clogged, the problem is most likely in a centralized place like your kitchen sink. However, when all the drains in your house become clogged this can be a sign of a much bigger problem that involves your main sewer line. To diagnose the problem, we use our state-of-the-art camera equipment to determine the problem in a non-invasive way that doesn't require us to dig any trenches in your property. 


Step 2: Assessment

There can be many reasons why a sewer line is exhibiting signs of damage. Some of the most common causes are:

  1. Tree roots have entered an old sewer pipe due to a bad joint connection

  2. The sewer line is very old and has deteriorated, causing the pipe to collapse

  3. An offset sewer line, where two sections of pipe no longer align

  4. A sewer line belly, where a sag in the pipe is causing water to pool and block flow.


Step 3: Repair

If the reason the sewer line is damaged is one of the reasons listed above, Pipe-Thru Trenchless Plumbing replaces the old pipe with a new pipe made from very resistant material (High-Density Polyethylene SDR-17). 


Why use HDPE SDR-17 pipes?

  • It does not create corrosion over time 

  • It is very sturdy and not breakable 

  • It is a one-piece pipe without joints 

  • The pipe does not collapse

  • Roots will never enter the pipe because of its root resistant technology

  • The inside wall of the pipe is very smooth which gives a very good flow


Once we have determined the cause of your sewer pipe damage, Trenchless Technology allows us to use two methods to fix without damaging your property:

Method 1: Pipe Bursting Machine

Using pipe bursting technology to fix a pipe is a trenchless way to repair underground damage without having to destroy your landscape. Pipe bursting works by essentially using the new pipe to "burst" through the damaged pipe, and then seamlessly connecting it to the main pipe.


Method 2: Directional Drilling

When pipe distance exceeds 60' we switch to a method called directional drilling. Directional drilling allows us to dig a small tunnel underground over long distances, and then run a pipe through it. This is all done without creating huge trenches that damage your property with Trenchless Technology.


At Pipe-Thru Trenchless Technology we are committed to helping you find a plumbing solution that doesn't destroy your property. Call us at (408) 394-7910 or visit for a free estimate.

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